advantageous reasons in production and use of rubber powder

The advantageous reasons in production and use of rubber powder

How is rubber powder produced?

We all know that the rubber powder production process concerns the screening of the finest particles of a recycling plant. Our method allows you to create a high impact of friction in pulverized and determine the possibility of working any type of vulcanized rubber based on the set of the machine. Among the most important on the market we are able to produce the best very thin rubber powder starting from waste in the acronym SBR, EPDM, NBR, CR, IIR.

The meaning of rubber powder

It consists in a product normally resulting from the processing of industrial rubber and pneumatic post-consumer waste from which very small particles are obtained. The keyword of the meaning to optimal rubber pulverization for the compound industry is reached when the product reaches an average particle size of less than 350 microns or even defined as 40 mesh.

How the rubber powder is used?

The use of rubber powder takes place through a mixing process through the use of special machines called Bambury. In recent years, technological evolution has made it possible to insert rubber powder in extrusion as a use for additive into production of new polymers based on SBS, PE, PP, etc.

The advantages in the use of rubber powder and circular economy

For many people in the rubber sector it represents a well-known news. However, we highlight the main advantages of using rubber powder for the less experienced:

1) Reuse of noble rubber otherwise destined for landfills or waste-to-energy plants

2) It helps in the production of the molding of rubber products to degass in the vulcanization process.

3) It reduces the production costs of the rubber compound.

4) It concerns the circular economy process in the reuse of post-consumer materials.

This last issue is very important! The manufacturers of rubber products have started the path of material recovery by improving the re-trend and therefore the sustainability of their product. Several fashion brands also adopt this form of recovery in the rubber sector by using recycled powder in respect of the circular economy to help new generations in the important goal of safeguarding the planet from pollution.


rubber powder producer price

The price of the rubber powder from the manufacturer is an important request that must be carefully considered. Whether in dollars or in euros, the value depends on the particle size. Make your request indicating the type of polymer that is SBR, EPDM, NBR, CR, BIIR and we will be happy to offer our best value for money.


Prismi – powder and granulated rubber production

Our company produces over one hundred types of powders and granulates deferred by colors and type of polymer.
To distinguish our production of rubber granulates and powders according to the product sectors, we have chosen to diversify the application use in two websites.
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Recycled rubber powder for the green economy industry

A very important topic today is market development which is part of the Green Economy cycle. The recycled rubber powder sensitizes manufacturing industries, big fashion brands, and the consumer, to use this resource for the production of many products of daily life. The mission is linked to political implications through reforms that act as a driving force and incentive for the use of the recycled product. The big fashion brands are moving forward in this process by asking factories to concentrate on research and development for the use of secondary raw materials that are sustainable and with characteristics similar to virgin products.

Our company promotes itself in collaboration with large industries in order to insert in the circular economy the production range performed by all types of recyclable and low environmental impact rubber